Kate has fresh new insights, new approaches, new ideas, all with a touch of humor; just what the doctor ordered!. Virginia Avery, described by Kate as the Queen of Wearable Art.

April 2015

This event is Quilters Guild of Gt Britain & Northern Ireland AGM. 2 Brits are giving a workshop and the After dinner lecture. p> Sept/Oct 2013

Small Voices, Big Vision 13, exhibition for SAQA members, now at Tactile Quince St Denver CO

May 18-Sept 22 2013 – Spun: Adventures in Textiles, on view May 19–September 22, 2013, is a museum-wide celebration of the textile arts. Featuring nine exhibitions along with special in-gallery moments and a slew of on-site programming, Spun will push the boundaries of textile art. Featured artworks range from pre-Columbian weavings to modern fiber art, Navajo blankets to an examination of clothing in paintings and photography. These diverse collections are tied together by the ways in which textiles have permeated human life, century after centuryJuly 27th/28th 2013

2 Brits, Miriam & I will be demonstrating our Art during SPUN at the Denver Art museum.

Aug 3rd/4th 2013

2 Brits will again be presenting our Art at DAM

March 2013

I was recently juried in as an Artist member of the Art Center At Estes Park. You can see my work on show there from now on. Its a great Art Center full of amazingly talented artists.

May 18th - Sept 22nd 2013

Spun at the Denver Art Museum. DAM is opening a new Textile floor and Spun celebrates that fact with activities, events and exhibits.

May 2nd-5th 2013

Mancuso QuiltFest Denver CO SAQA special exhibit Attitude at Altitude for SAQA members. www.quiltfest.com 

May 18/19th 2013

2 Brits @ Dam. Miriam Basart & I will be demonstrating our Art during the opening of SPUN.



to my site where imagination is power! 

I so apologise for the outdated photos and info. I have moved back to England this year and it takes time to get it together! I have decided to call this a sabbatical. After the Quilters Guild AGM in April 2015 I will decide what is next. Thanks for your patience!

My imagination has led to all kinds of adventures in particular fulfilling the dream of relocating to the USA at a time when most people are thinking about settling into retirement. After a quiet spell around 2009 I am working in a very different way and what i am seeing come out of that creative spurt is very exciting to me. I hope it is to the people who see it! Miriam Basart & I are known as the 2 Brits and have been collaborating on work for 3 years now. We discuss ideas but work as individuals, usually, and we are amazed at how different our work is when we see the final results. Our joint efforts gave us the wonderful opportunity to work at the Denver Art Museum this year.

Since October 2009 I have been Hot Air Ballooning, horseback riding in Monument Valley, on numerous road trips and explored the Oregon Coast! Why Oregon?....because i never had been there before.

Liz Kettle & I shared the position of Rocky Mountain regional rep for SAQA from January 2011. We organized & curated many member exhibits & now Bev Haring has taken over from Liz. We have just hung the Small Voices, Big Vision 13 at Tactile in Denver. This runs thro October 2013. This has been an exciting opportunity for me. 

I hope that you enjoy my site and that my Art speaks to you. Feed your creative soul with whatever speaks to you. We all need to hear our hearts sing.

Watch TQS Episode 605 with Kate Cox in "Improvisational Landscapes" 



You can buy the DVD from www.thequiltshow.com  

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